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[View from deck in fall]

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For a cozy escape you'll never forget, fly away to

The Feathered Nest

[House showing wrap-around porch] [House showing wrap-around porch] [Centennial Beach]

... a tranquil hideaway on Peaks Island, Maine, with a view of Diamond Passage. It's just an 8-minute walk from the Casco Bay ferry to/from Portland, and a hop, skip and a jump to Centennial Beach.  For children, the elementary school playground is right across the street.

We are looking for people who want to return year after year!

If you've never visited Peaks in the winter, check out these photos (click to enlarge):

[View from deck in winter]
[Winter sunset]

If you'd like to fly south, check out our vacation property in Mexico!!!

[Casa Guadalupe courtyard]